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Fairs and Festivals



In Haryana Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm. It comes in the middle of the month of Karthik. First comes the little Diwali on which rice and sugar put in vessels, with a paisa placed on the top, are given away to Brahmins and girls. The deceased ancestors are said to visit the house of their families on that day, and it is in their name that the ceremony is performed. Houses are whitewashed and cleaned. On the next day, or Govardhan, Diwali lamps are lighted in the evening and sweets distributed. On the following day all the sweepings are thrown out on to the refused dumps outside the village. The old lamps are also thrown their and new ones placed in the house. The rich and trading classes specially consider Diwali as their own festival. On this occasion they perform pujas which are considered auspicious for their profession.

Diwali is also celebrated by gambling in various ways throughout the night accompanied by merry making. For children Diwali provides an occasion for fire works. More about Diwali