Thursday, July 18, 2024

Arts and Architecture


Islamic Monuments 

Islamic architecture has Minar domes, vaults and arches with an exclusive use of mortar and concrete. The mausoleum of Magdum Shah Daulat at Maner, 29 kilometers west at Patna reminds of the  historic Mughal buildings at  Delhi and Agra.

Expressive of the mature artistic taste of the designer of the mausoleum are its excellent carvings. Its Hindu symbols are of elephants, bulls and lotuses carved on its walls. The old Patna collectorate building and the building with dorie and ionic columns, facing south in the Patna college are survivals of the medieval structures raised by the Dutch traders at Patna. The buildings at Bankipur and Padri-ki-Haveli are constructed in the Gothic style of architecture. The famous granary, Golghar, built in 1786 is something unique.  The Sultan palace on the Gardiner Road, Patna is a twentieth-century representative of Muslim architecture .