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The Server wins the point
The Server wins the point

The Set

A game is won when one team leads by two points with a minimum of 15 points. If the score reaches 14-14 it is necessary to play to reach one of the following scores; 16-14, 17-15, 18-16, 19-17 etc.


A match is played in two or three winning sets, i.e. 'best of three' or ' best of five' games by decision of the organizing committee or, in its absence, by agreement of the two parties. All international matches are played to 'best of five' sets. 


Only the team that serves scores a point. The serving team wins a point when:

  1. the ball touches the ground inside the opponents court

  2. the opponents have played the ball more than three times consecutively

  3. the opponents have held or pushed the ball

  4. an opponent reaches under the net and touches the ball or any opposing player when the ball is in play on that side

  5. an opponent has completely crossed the center line

  6. at the moment of service the opposing team has committed a fault of position, e.g.. on winning service has not rotated one position clockwise

  7. a returned ball has crossed or touched the net outside the antennae determining the width of court

  8. a returned ball goes out of court, passes under the net, touches an object outside the court, is returned by a player aiding himself with any object as a point of support

  9. an opposing back line player in the attack area has incorrectly returned the ball

  10. an opponent has received a personal warning

  11. after a warning from the referee if the opponents have received from their manager, coaches or players, deliberate coaching during the game

  12. the opponents delay the game in a persistent manner

  13. the opponents illegally replace a player

  14. the opponents prolong the interruption of the game for more than half a minute

  15. the ball has touched an opponent under the belt

  16. an opponent touches the ball two consecutive times

  17. an opponent has touched the net

  18. an opponent has reached over the net to play the ball except to block or to hinder an opponent