Saturday, May 28, 2022

Court and Equipments

instrumentation of volleyball court
instrumentation of volleyball court


The playing court is a rectangle measuring 18m X 9m surrounded by a rectangular free zone of maximum of 2m and with a space free from any obstructions to a height of a minimum surface. The surface must be flat, horizontal and uniform. For international competitions, only wooden or synthetic surface is allowed. The court shall be bounded by lines of 5cm width. A line 5cm wide shall be drawn across the center of the playing surface.

The axis of the center line divides the playing court into two equal courts measuring 9m X 9m each. This line extends beneath the net from side line to side line. On each court the front zone is limited by the attack line, 3m parallel to the middle of the center line. Beyond the side line both attack lines and front zones are considered to be extended indefinitely. Two lines each 15cm long mark indefinitely the side limits of the service zone at the end of each court. They shall be drawn inside the service zone, 20cm behind and perpendicular to the end line. One is drawn as an extension of each right side line and the other is 3m to the left.



Volleyball Net and ball

The net shall be 1m deep and 9.50m long, placed vertically over the axis of the center line to divide the playing surface into two parts. The height of the net shall be 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women. The net shall be made of 10cm square dark stitches mesh, with two folds of white canvas 10cm wide; each 5cm fold sewn along the full length of the top of the net. A flexible cable stretches the upper edge of the net and passes inside the band of canvas. A flexible antennae 1.8m long shall extend 80cm the net. They are set 20cm outside the markers. Each antennae shall be 10mm in diameter fiberglass with contrasting colour section 10cm long. They indicate when a ball is completely outside the markers.


The ball shall be spherical, made of a flexible leather case with a bladder inside made of rubber or a similar material. It shall be uniform and light colour and its weight shall be in between 260gm and 280gm. The circumference of the ball shall be 65 to 67cm.