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December 4, 2008

Pear and Mango Chutney

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Region : Uttarakhand
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Last Updated: 4-12-2008
Preparation Time
60 minute
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Ingredients :

Pear and Mango Chutney Ingredients

- 250 gms.

Raw firm mango

- 250 gms.


- 500 gms.


- 2 tsp.
Salt - 1 tsp.

Red chilli powder

- 1 tsp.

Garam masala

- 1 tbsp.

Musk Melon (kharbooja) seeds

- 1 tbsp.


- 2 cloves
Powdered 8 each almonds and cashews chopped finely.
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A very tasty chutney with fruity taste ,goes very well both with main meal and snacks

Method :

Method: Peel and mash pear. Put 1 tbsp. sugar in a heavy saucepan. Heat on a low flame, stirring and cooking till it turns brown. Add 500 ml. water and boil. When the sugar has fully dissolved in the water add remaining sugar. When it begins to boil again add the mashed fruit, cashew, raisins, seeds, chilli and salt. Boil till a thick jam consistency is obtained. Stir occasionally. Add the clove powder and garam masala. Cool a bit and transfer to clean airtight jar. Making time: 1 hour Shelf life: 1 month Makes 1.5 kgs. chutney.

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