Sunday, September 19, 2021



Vanaspati Ghee Industry

The Vanaspati ghee industry is based  mainly on the production of groundnut. This industry is not very big, as the oilseeds for the country are brought from other states. The Vanaspati ghee units are situated at Amritsar, Ludhiana, Khanna, Doraha and Rajpura.

Woolen Textile Industry

Woolen textile industries are situated at Amritsar, Ludhina and Dhariwal.

Hosiery Industry

Punjab leads the whole of the country in the manufacture of hosiery products. Most of these units are located in Ludhiana. This industry is a major foreign exchange earner.

Sports Goods Industry

The sports goods industry of Punjab became well known only after 1947. Jalandhar is the main centre for the production of sports goods. This industry play a major part in earning foreign exchange.

Engineering Industries

In the absence of basic minerals, the heavy engineering industry is almost absent in the state.

a. Bicycles: Punjab now ranks at the top of the bicycle industry. Main centres are Ludhiana and Rajpura.

b. Sewing Machines: Punjab not only fulfils the home requirements for sewing machines but also exports the same. Ludhiana and Bassi Pathana are important centres for the production of sewing machines and machine parts.

c. Agricultural Implements and Machine Tools: The important centres for manufacture of agricultural implements are Batala, Ludhiana, Phillaur, Jalandhar, Phagwara, Goraya and Amristar.

d. Tractors and Combines: The state has a tractor plant at Mohali and a combine harvester plant at Bhadson.

Feed Industry and Concentrates

To develop livestock and poultry industries, it is of utmost importance to develop the feed industry on a priority basis. The possible sources of feed and concentrates are oilseed cakes and the by-products of milling and the cereals.

Wheat Bran

This is a by-product of the roller flour mills and there are about 11 such mills in the state.

Oilseed Cakes

The cotton seed is preferred as such by the farmers for feeding the milk animals. Cotton seed is utilised for oil production which is a costly product and is in great demand.

Rice Milling

About 80 percent of the paddy produced in Punjab is marketed and processed in different types of rice mills. There are about 2,200 hullers mostly in rural area,148 shellers and 43 hullers-cum-shellers. The major by-products of rice milling are two percent germ, five percent bran and 23 percent husk.