Thursday, August 11, 2022



The principal crops of the state are barley, wheat, paddy, maize and sugarcane. Among the fodder crops are Bajra and Jowar.

The green fodder, is very popular with the farmers for feeding milch cattle. Main sources of irrigation are canales and tube wells.

The economy of the state depends primarily upon agriculture. There are two main harvests in the year.  Rabi (hari) and Kharif (Sawani). The rabi or spring harvest consists of wheat, gram, barley and some oil seeds, fodder crops, potatoes and winter vegetables. The Kharif or autumn harvest consists of rice, maize, sugarcane, cotton, pulses other than gram and peas, bajra, jowar and vegetables like chillies, onions and gourd.

Two system of cropping are in vogue in the state namely Dofasli Harsala and Ekjasli Harsala. The Dofasli Harsala means two harvests in a period of twelve months.  Ekfasli Harsala means a single crop in a year.