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There are over 9,000 species of living birds, with a great diversity of size, form, colour, and behaviour. But their basic structure is so very similar that these show no more differences than there are within the 90 species of known primates. Birds are classified mainly by their external form, although DNA structure and biochemical methods have recently been employed to reassess certain relationships. There are 27 living orders, and 2 recently extinct orders of birds, but the groupings of these into subclasses is a matter of some dispute. One of the greatest difficulties in the classification of birds, is that their structure is very uniform. There are many different types of birds that you can keep as pets such as parrots, love birds, pigeons, doves, canaries etc. Here we are listing some such birds and their subclasses.

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 1.  Posted on : 13.4.2016  By  :  Adwitiya Das , West Bengal View Answer (1) Post Answer

Hi, I want to get an eagle as a pet. But I cant find where to buy a baby eagle. So please let me know the laws and procedure & place of getting the baby.


Apart from indian birds you can buy any kind of bird but regarding to law where you want to buy the bird.All foreign bird we can get from large pet forms in india and also by using websites like indiamart in indiamart you can find some wholesellers and breeders

  Posted By :mahesh , Guntur | On 11.9.2016
 2.  Posted on : 24.7.2015  By  :  rahul gautam , utter pradesh india View Answer (0) Post Answer

I have pet RED VENTED BULBUL her tail is breaking almost . Feathers are left. What should i do?

 3.  Posted on : 22.3.2015  By  :  Vaishali , Mumbai, India View Answer (0) Post Answer

I have two pairs of lovebirds and recently I shifted them to bigger cage. But shifting they became very noisy and not ready to come down to eat. If I hand feed them than only they eat and drink. Is it because of change in their cage? I shifted them on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. They are active and if hand feed eating well. Please guide me what to do so they start eating themselves

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