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  Syeda Zehra, Hyderabad, India
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Cats are really good pets.and very easy to handle them.we just need to take good care of them.dont feed them boiled milk as it will lead to a skin is better to give raw thin milk.and have them regularly checked by a vet.never give them uncooked meat because they will get the taste and they will get wild.cats are very jovial in nature.treat them like your own with will love its company.most important thing watch what they are eating n playing with.that is i have to say.i do have a pet i know about cats.bye hope all of you like my sugestions.
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Ear mites are highly infectious little pests that feed on the lining of the ear canals. Its symptoms include scratching behind the ear and inside the ear; a dark brown wax inside the ear; and other signs that are not visible without the special equipment a vet uses. Take the cat to a vet immediately if you suspect that she has an ear mite. Persistent medication is required to treat ear mites.
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Hairballs are a problem mostly in longhaired cats. Hairballs are caused by too much hair in the cat's stomach from their own grooming. Daily brush your cat, especially during the warm months of the year to prevent hairballs. If the problem still persists take your cat to a vet.
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Be cautious when choosing houseplants for your home, if you have kitties or children. The Berries on Mistletoe are poisonous to cats and humans. Other dangerous plants to cats include: Diffenbachia, Poinsettia, English ivy, Crocus, and others.
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Get your cat vaccinated against all the common diseases.