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Although seed has been the traditional staple of a birdís diet, most experts recommend pelleted food as the way to go. Seed mixes provide variety, but they do not always provide optimum nutrition, and are definitely on the messy side. We recommend a high-quality pelleted food thatís formulated for your birdís species.
Be sure to offer fresh veggies and fruits to your bird every day. Dark, leafy greens are packed with vitamins, and many birds also enjoy carrots and broccoli. Common fruity faves are apples, pears, melon and kiwi. Take care to remove any uneaten food after a couple of hours, and please do not give your bird avocado, cherry pits, rhubarb or apple seeds.
Fresh, cold water should be available at all times. Change it at least once a day, preferably twice.
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To keep your bird in good condition, ASPCA experts recommend an annual visit to the veterinarian. Weight loss or gain, often an indicator of illness, will be checked, and any necessary tests can help the vet monitor your petís health.
Please donít wait to schedule an appointment if you think your pet is sick. A bird who is not feeling well may fluff out his feathers or sit quietly on the floor of his cage with his eyes closed. Other symptoms that somethingís not right with your pet include a change in the consistency, frequency or color of droppings, sneezing, coughing, blocked nostrils, labored breathing and a crusty beak or eyes.