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Canaries are small, lively birds mainly with yellow plumage, known for their sweet and sparkling harmonies.  There are many color variations of the small, active Canary. They were originally introduced to European bird fanciers in the 1500s by the Spaniards who discovered them in the Canary Islands off the western coast of Africa. Canaries measure 5" from head to tip of the tail. Canaries generally don't like to be handled although there are a few rare cases. They are better as pets to be watched as opposed to being held. Canaries don't require companionship of their own kind, as long as their human companion talks with them. The beautiful song of the male bird makes the canary an entertaining pet.

Origin : Canary Islands.
Genus : Serinus. 
Foods :Canary seed and green vegetables such as spinach. For most kinds of canaries, color-feeding (feeding food with dyes to improve plumage) is recommended.
Life Span :Maximum 20years.

Types of Canary Birds :
Roller Canary

Roller Canary

The common yellow colored canary that is considered to be the best singer. The Roller Canary is particularly adept with a three-octave range.

Red Factor

Red Factor

A brilliant red colored canary, which was bred with another type of finch (any small seed eating song bird) to introduce a red color factor into the canary's genetic structure. Requires feeding a special diet to keep the intense coloring.

Crested Canary

Crested Canary

One of the oldest breeds, with a unique crest or tuft of feathers at the crown of the head.

Border Canary

Border Canary

Yellow with variegated patches of white, green, or brown color bordering the wings.

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