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Water Lily

 Scientific Name : Nymphaea odorata
 Family : Nymphaeaceae
 Colour : White, Violet, Pink
 Common names : American White Water lily
 Flowering Season : All round the year
Water Lily

Water Lilies are aquatic perennials with beautiful flowers. There are about 40 species of water lilies in the world, plus numerous hybrids and varieties. This water plant can be grown in ponds or basins / containers which can hold 4 to 5 liters of water. The flowers are fragrant with a yellow center and many spiral petals around 3-5" wide which tapers towards the ends. The leaves are flat, spherical with a waxy water repellent upper side with green colour and purplish colour underneath around 8-14" that floats on the surface. 


The plants are propagated through seeds and sprouting rhizomes or bulbs. The fruit which develops underwater is a spongy round berry which, when ripe releases up to 2000 seeds. The saplings and rhizomes can be planted within 6-8 inches deep from the water surface and barely covered with soil. When several new leaves appear more water can be added or moved to deeper water in the ponds.

Lily's will flower three months after planting. The flowers will remain for three- four days, until they are pollinated. The buds on long solitary stalks will appear on the surface of the water and bloom by early dawn. They grow best in fresh calm water. The plants which are grown in basins/ containers will have flowers and leaves smaller in size than those grown in ponds. 

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 1.  Posted on : 24.7.2010  By  :  Padma Raga , Hyderabad, Hyderabad View Answer (1) Post Answer

What are the manures to be used for water lilies to flower? And also is sunshine a requirement to make them flower?


npk 15.15.15,Lilies thrive best in sunny conditions.When the light is restricted they lean towards the light. Very few lilies can survive where the shade is dense.

  Posted By :Subbu , Hyderabad | On 6.8.2010
 2.  Posted on : 23.3.2010  By  :  Belinda , tamil nadu View Answer (0) Post Answer

how to set a pond for water lilies. we intend building a small pond. What should be the height of soil? water?give some guidance Belinda

 3.  Posted on : 10.2.2010  By  :  CHACHORIA PRAVIN , PUNE. View Answer (0) Post Answer

I want some best quality Lotus seed. Where can I get them and at what price?

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