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P.Raghu Ram,  Hyderabad,  India   Posted On : 7.1.2012   View Comment :(0)   Post Comment
Superdigested compost is good for horticulture plants. Panchgayais also good.
Pankaj Sethi,  Amritsar,  India   Posted On : 23.6.2010   View Comment :(0)   Post Comment
Use cow dung mixed in water for watering your plants/crops will help in faster growth.(Do take care of the portation)
sahana,  hyderabad,  india   Posted On : 29.3.2010   View Comment :(0)   Post Comment
Curry leaves plants when nourished with butter milk once in a fortnight grows very faster
Sujeeraja,  Attur,  India   Posted On : 24.10.2009   View Comment :(0)   Post Comment
any tablet disolve in water & pour it on the soil is good for all plant esspecially rose plant
Bhaskar Fatangare,  Nasik,  India   Posted On : 31.8.2009   View Comment :(0)   Post Comment
Make Garlic paste and Dilute it with water and spray on the Crop , you will get freedom from Sucking pest and Powdery Mildew.
suma,  tamilnadu,  india   Posted On : 24.8.2009   View Comment :(0)   Post Comment
expired vitamin tablets is a verygood plant food