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 Scientific Name : Ixora coccinea
 Family : Rubiaceae
 Colour : Red, White, Pink, yellow
 Common names : Flame of the Woods, Jungle Flame, Jungle Geranium
 Flowering Season : Rainy season

Ixora is a common flowering shrub said to be a native of Asia. There are about 400 species of Ixora and its flowers look delightful in gardens. They differ in leaf size, plant height, flower size and flower color. This plant which blooms throughout the year is easy to grow. The flowers are found in a wide range of colours. Plants are of two types- large; with height around 1 meter and dwarf or miniature plants. Miniature ones have small leaves and are bushy. Ixora flowers last well when picked and put into a vase with water, making an attractive home arrangement.


Miniature types can be grown in pots and the large ones on the ground. Take a mixture of sand, cow dung with equal quantity and fill this mixture in a polythene bag. Plant 6 inch length stems in the mixture. Although it grows in any climate the best time to grow is in the rainy season. 

The sap lings can be replanted into pots with 1feet radius filled with a mixture of 2 parts gravel, 1part soil and one part dried cow dung powder.  Manure like 100g oilseed extracts (Neem) and 100g Bone meal can be used for 1 feet mixture. When you plant on the ground, dig 8 inch wide holes, put the above said mixture and plant the saplings. 

Plants will grow and flower in shade, but most ixoras do best in full sun, acid soil and well drained moist organic mix. Water once every day. Keep adding 2tsp of a mixture of cow dung, bone meal and oilseed extract once every two months for best results. Always use acid forming fertilizers.

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