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 Scientific Name : Anthurium spp.
 Family : Araceae
 Colour : White, Pink, Red, Cream or Green
 Common names : Tailflower, Anthurium, Flamingo flower

Anthurium originally from Mexico, is a tropical perennial with big, heart shaped flowers and shiny, dark green foliage. The blooms or spathe (modified leaf) seen in white, pink, red, cream or green can last up to 8 weeks. This beautiful foliage plant, blooms almost continuously in good conditions. It is an excellent plant for interiors and as cut flower arrangements.


Plants are propagated by division from older or larger specimens or from a tissue cultured plant. The plants are grown in pots and even on the trunk of tree ferns. Plants require well-aerated medium (coarse soil mixes) with good water retention capacity. However, good drainage is also essential and important as too much water rots the roots and causes sudden yellowness of leaves. The medium of planting can be (1) mixture of peat moss, perlite, pine bark in 1:1:1 ratio (2) Coconut fibre, compost and soil best in summer(3) Gravel (grain sand), charcoal and bits of brick. Semi shade is best for the plant. It requires warmth and humidity.


Dead or rotted foliage at the base and any faded flowers should be removed. A diluted liquid fertilizer can be fed every two weeks. Chlorinated water (Tap water) and the use of insecticides is harmful. Re potting every year and use of rain water is beneficial.

A solution of pressed neem seeds acts as a pesticide and fertilizer. A handful of pressed neem seeds has to be soaked till you get a real foul smelling liquid. This is strained and diluted more and sprayed. This natural pesticide / fertilizer is good for all plants. on all the plants. Pests cant stand the bitter taste of neem. Spraying diluted coconut water is great for flowers.


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 Questions & Answers
 1.  Posted on : 14.3.2010  By  :  Nancy , chandler az, chandler az View Answer (0) Post Answer

what temperature will the anthuriums stand.

 2.  Posted on : 18.8.2009  By  :  Marianne , Nevada City, CA,USA View Answer (0) Post Answer

I have an Anthurium as a house plant. It was beautiful, but the leaves have started getting brown spots on them. Also new growth does not do well. What might my problem be? Its planted in a big pot with potting soil. Across from windows. Doesn't get direct light. Thanks for help.

 3.  Posted on : 6.6.2009  By  :  Vasemaca O'Brien , Suva, Fiji View Answer (0) Post Answer

How much manure should be put into anthuriums? and please specify what spray I will need to use on coconut husks to keep fungus away.

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