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Golden Thryallis

 Scientific Name : Galphimia Glauca
 Family : Malpighiaceae
 Colour : Bright yellow
 Common names : Golden Thyrallis, Gold Shower, Rain of Gold
 Flowering Season : Throughout the year
Golden Thryallis

Native to the tropical areas extending from Mexico to Guatemala, Thyrallis makes a great background plant for perennial beds. This evergreen tropical shrub which grow to a height of 4 to 6 feet has a dense amount of foliage and slender stems covered with red hairs. The short-stalked, ovate to elliptic, glossy 1 to 2 inch leaves are light green in colour and the small 3/4 inch wide yellow flowers are held in clusters at the stem tips. Flowers are followed by three part seed capsule. This plant is excellent for low hedges and can also be used as borders and in pots.

Propagation and Care

Thryallis are easy growing plants and blooms almost all year around. It is easily grown in fertile, medium wet, well drained soil in bright sunlight to part shade. Grows best in bright sunlight and can be trimmed into compact shapes.

The propagation is through seeds and also by stem cuttings taken in summer. Seeds are sown or cuttings can be inserted in sandy soil. Enrich the soil with compost and transplant in ground 4 to 6 feet apart or in pots. Water regularly and fertilizer can be added for best results.

Thryallis does not need specific care and there is no serious insect or disease problems. The plants grow more wild in shady areas. Occasionally remove leggy stems to keep the plant from looking unruly. 

The only problem is its vulnerability to cold conditions. But thryallis grows so fast and blooms through out the year, that it is worth using it as an annual in cold conditions and replanted in the garden in spring after last frost date.