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 Scientific Name : Nelumbo nucifera.
 Family : Nymphaeaceae
 Colour : White, Pink
 Common names : Chinese Arrowroot, Lotus Bean, Sacred Lotus
 Best Season : March to May (planting)

Lotus, known as flower of purity is the National Flower of India. This water plant is very easy to grow. Flowers in pink and white, have a large number of petals and large circular thick leaves. The leaves are sometimes, and the flowers always, raised above the water surface. This beautiful and fragrant flower blooms only for one day. Lotus is considered sacred by the Hindus and the Buddhists. 


Lotus can be planted in tanks around 2 1/2 feet deep. Make a mixture of compost, cow dung and sand.  Spread a layer of 3 inches thickness at the bottom of the tank. Sunlight is a must for the lotus plant to flower. So tanks should be placed where there is plenty of sunlight. The best time to plant is from March to May.

Usually tubers or bulbs are used for planting, seeds can also be used to make new seedlings. Tuber should be planted at 2inches depth inside the sand compost mixture in the tank. Fill the tank with water at a level of 6-8 inches above the tuber. As the plant grows you can fill the tank with more water. You can grow fish in the tank to control pests.

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 1.  Posted on : 24.7.2010  By  :  Padma Raga , Hyderabad, Hyderabad View Answer (1) Post Answer

What are the manures to be used for water lilies to flower? And also is sunshine a requirement to make them flower?


npk 15.15.15,Lilies thrive best in sunny conditions.When the light is restricted they lean towards the light. Very few lilies can survive where the shade is dense.

  Posted By :Subbu , Hyderabad | On 6.8.2010
 2.  Posted on : 23.3.2010  By  :  Belinda , tamil nadu View Answer (0) Post Answer

how to set a pond for water lilies. we intend building a small pond. What should be the height of soil? water?give some guidance Belinda

 3.  Posted on : 10.2.2010  By  :  CHACHORIA PRAVIN , PUNE. View Answer (0) Post Answer

I want some best quality Lotus seed. Where can I get them and at what price?

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