Monday, July 15, 2024
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In this busy world having a beautiful garden of our own whether in a large or a small area brings us peace of mind and happiness. Gardening is an art which needs skill and an aesthetic sense of creativity. Although anybody can make a garden it requires a deep interest and prolonged involvement.

Careful planning is essential for developing and maintaining a beautiful garden. First you have to decide on the types of plants you want to grow or the ones best suited for your garden taking into consideration the type of soil, sunlight, water, and climate of your area. We also need to have an idea of different types of plants, their growth and maintenance. Here we have given a short description of some plants with its propagation and growing details.

Flowering Plants
Roses Roses
Roses, popularly known as the queen of flowers look beautiful and spread fragrance in any garden.
Perennials Perennials
Perennials are those flowering plants that last longer and keep on flowering.
Annuals Annuals
Annuals are also known as seasonal flowering plants which flower only for three to four months.
Orchids Orchids
Orchids are easily distinguished from other plants, as they share some very evident apomorphies.
Trees & Shrubs Trees & Shrubs
Shrubs are woody plants smaller than trees, having a short stem with branches near the ground.
of Plants Types of Plants
Plants are charecterised into different types based on their shape, size, period of life, their growth pattern etc.