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Soorya Dance and Music Festival

Place: Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Venue: Tagore Theatre
Time: 1st to 10th October 
SCHEDULE 2020 ( See list of performing artists)

Important Notice: Due to the Covid 19 situation, Soorya Dance and Music fest 2020 will be conducted online from October 1 to 10. According to the founder Soorya Krishnamoorthy, Artists will be sending a recorded video of their performance and the video will be aired through their You tube channel of Soorya.
See online festival at Soorya You tube Channel at 6.45pm October 1st 2020 :

The Soorya classical music and dance festival is conducted for ten days every year in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala State. It starts from 1st October and concludes on the 10th of October.

The festival is organized by Soorya Stage and Film Society, one of the largest cultural societies in Asia. Founded by Soorya Krishnamoorthy, the society organises many programs including Dance and Music festivals, film festivals, theatre, painting, photography, lectures and talks, sound and light shows etc. The Dance and Music festival presents different forms of dance like Kathak, Odissi, Manipuri, Bharathanatyam, Kathakali, Kuchipudi and Mohiniyattam as well as classical music renditions, instrumental music, jugal bandhi's etc by popular artists.

Renowned dancers and musicians from all over India participate in this festival. Dancers such as Padma Subramaniam, Alarmel Valli, Chitra Viswesvaran, Lakshmi Gopalaswami, Rajendra-Nirupama and musicians such as Ustad's Allah Rakha, Amjad Ali Khan, Bismillah Khan, Zakir Husain, Balamuralikrishna, Bhimsen Joshi  are a few among the famous artistes who have performed here. 

Another dance and music festival 'Parampara' is also held by Soorya in November every year to spot young talents. This festival is also held in Thiruvananthapuram, where artists pay tribute to their Gurus. 

Contact Address:
Soorya Dance & Music Festival
Soorya Stage and Film Society 
Chaitanya, Thycaud 
Thiruvananthapuram 695014 
Ph: (0471) - 2323536 
Fax: (0471) - 2323558 
E-mail: Contact1, Contact 2

How to get there

Air : Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is located at Valiyathura 6kms from the city. Many international air carriers operate daily flights to the Middle East, Male and Sri Lanka from Thiruvananthapuram. Indian Airlines has direct connections to Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. Jet Air (Gulf Air) has daily flights to Mumbai and Chennai.

Rail : The main railway station is the Central station located at Thampanoor. There are daily trains such as Parasuram express, Malabar express and Cannanore express. There are additional daily express to Kochi including the Venad express, the Kerala express and the Vanchinad express.

Road : Thampanoor is the main bus terminal in Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala State Transport operates a comprehensive service from Thiruvananthapuram, throughout the state and to Tamil Nadu. The city bus terminal is situated at Fort from where most of the city service originates. State and National Highways connect Thiruvananthapuram to all major Indian cities.

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