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Popsicle Bowl

Popsicle Bowl
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Here's an easy way of creating a bowl with throwaway Ice cream sticks or Popsicles.

Lets go ahead and learn the technique of this simple craft.


Materials required : -
Popsicle Bowl Materials
» Popsicle sticks around 100 no
» White glue 1 tube
» Cutting knife 1

Lets first set the base for the craft. Place three Popsicles to form a triangle.

Popsicles to form a triangle

Place 3 more sticks on top in the opposite direction as shown, to form a star shape.

star shape

Apply glue at two intersections and place a stick as shown, repeat the procedure on all three sides. Now lift the glued star base and remove the loose sticks away.

loose sticks away

Now that our base is ready, lets start to construct the outward Popsicle layers.

Popsicle layers

While gluing new Popsicle sticks remember to keep moving outwards and continue to build the Popsicle layer as shown. After say around 11 layers we'll attain a vase like shape.

vase like shape

Invert the vase and this is how it looks.

Making a CD Clock

Close the hollow space in the center with Popsicle sticks and there, your Popsicle vase is ready for use.

Popsicle Bowl


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