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Puppy Trash Bin

By : Adhin Ashok , Ernakulam , India
16 . 12 . 2016
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Puppy Trash Bin

Materials required : -
» Cardboard box - 1
» Fabric paint - 3 colours
» Scissors - 1
» Bowl - 1
» Tape -1
» Marker Pen - 1
» knife - 1
» Glue - 1


Take a cardboard box and stick foolscap paper all over on the sides neatly using glue.

cardboard box

Draw an outline of the face of a puppy on the right end corner of one side of the box with a pencil.

Draw an outline

Cut the outline of the puppy face to make an opening. leaving the top part.

Cut the outline

Draw ears on another side of the box and cut the outline leaving the bottom part and pull it up as shown.

Draw ears

Similarly draw two legs each on either sides to the face and a tail on the right side and repeat the procedure.

Draw small triangle shape in a line on a carboard sheet and cut it out. Glue them below the face.

small triangle shape

Make a puppy more attractive by painting the face, hands, legs and tail with white colour.

white colour paint

Draw eyes, nose and mouth clearly on the face.

Draw eyes, nose, mouth

Paint black markings all over the box using black paint. Paint the toungue red.

black markings all over the box

Looks good right? Try to make your own puppy waste bin

Puppy Trash Bin


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