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Popsicle Coaster

Popsicle Coaster
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Let us watch how to make a coaster using Popsicles. Dab on bright colours to make it attractive.

Watch Video! & read instructions.


Popsicle Coaster
Materials require : -
» Popsicles 15-20 no
» Acrylic paints Red, yellow, black and white
» Glue 1 tube

painting each Popsicle

We may start by painting each Popsicle using Acrylic paints such as yellow, red, white and black.

nine Popsicles side by side

Now arrange nine Popsicles side by side so that a square shape is achieved.

two Popsicle sticks crosswise

Lets glue two Popsicle sticks crosswise on either end to reinforce the formerly placed nine Popsicles.

coasters for dining or coffee table

Your Popsicle coaster is ready. Make around 6-8 coasters of similar size to place in your dining or coffee table.


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