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Popsicle Book Mark

Popsicle Book Mark
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Here's an easy tutorial for creating a beautiful bookmark, which could be gifted to your children or young ones as toy miniatures.


Popsicle Book Mark

Materials required : -
» Popsicle 1
» Glue 1 tube
» Color paper few
» Brown sketch pen 1

Step 1: Draw a simple face on the Popsicle stick using sketch pens.

Draw a simple face

Step 2: Cut out colored miniature paper bits from old magazine paper.

colored miniature paper

Step 3: Glue it to the Popsicle sticks, without leaving any gap in between.

Glue it to the Popsicle sticks

Step 4: Draw legs as well to the popsicle sticks and your Popsicle bookmark is ready to be used.

Popsicle Book Mark


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