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Popsicle Cardholder

Popsicle Cardholder
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Popsicle cardholder is a simple and easy craft, which is useful for keeping visiting cards. The same method can be used later to make bigger Popsicle holders for various purposes.

Popsicle Cardholder

Materials required : -
» Popsicles 20-30 no
» Cutting player 1
» Glue 1 tube
» Stickers 1 sheet
» Scale 1
» Black Pen 1

First we will make a Popsicle panel. Arrange 10 Popsicles side-by-side.

Arrange 10 Popsicles

Glue 3 Popsicles cross wise to reinforce the Popsicles so that it won't fall apart. Leave the panel to dry.

3 Popsicles cross wise

Now arrange few Popsicles in a straight line using scale. Draw a straight line on the Popsicles leaving 2 inches from its base.

Draw a straight line

Cut out the base using cutting player.

Cut out the base

Glue the halved Popsicles in two stacks with each containing at least 7 Popsicles pieces. Attach the two stacks on either side of the flat surface of the Popsicle panel. Let it dry.

Glue the halved Popsicles

Now join both the stacks using full length Popsicle sticks and close the base of the cardholder.

full length Popsicle

To further embellish attach stickers of your choice, and your beautiful cardholder is ready to catch the gaze.

Popsicle Cardholder


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Aarush, Greater Noida
November 20, 2016
I tried this in my school and I got the first place So, Thanks