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Tray Bird Feeder

Tray Bird Feeder
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The best way to recycle plastic is by reusing them effectively. Here's a demonstration of one such example, converting a jam Container into a Bird feeder.

Tray Bird Feeder
Materials required : -
Materials required
» Plastic Jam container 1
» Cutting blade 1
» Cutting player 1
» Cork 1
» Iron wire 10 cm length
» Plastic Tray 1
» Hot Glue 1
» Bird food

Clean the jam container's brim edges using cutting blade so that it could be glued well to the plastic tray later. Make three V cuts at the brim of the Container at regular intervals.

three V cuts

Keep the container upside down and poke a hole of one inch in diameter as shown on its narrow surface using cutting blade. Now mount a cork on the hole and make sure it fits in perfectly. Poke two pin size holes at the base of the container & insert the iron wire through the pinholes & fasten by twisting and winding the wire endings. This is done in order to hang the bird feeder once the bird feeder is ready.

hole iron wire

Stick the container on the plastic tray using hot glue and let it dry for few minutes. Fill bird food through the one-inch hole and mount the cork tightly, you will see food successively coming out though the V cuts.

using hot glue Fill bird food

Hang the bird feeder on sunshades or branches of trees, and enjoy the birds munching food.

Hang the bird feeder


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