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Glass Bulb Penguin

Glass Bulb Penguin
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Have you wondered about a way to recycle your used light bulbs??? Then here is an awesome idea as light bulb shape is perfect to make penguins. Glass bulb penguin is an awesome showpiece as well as Christmas tree ornament one can make at home.

Glass Bulb Penguin
Before starting, be ready with the following things,
» Acrylic paint - Different colors
» Here I am using Black, white and red
» Brushes - we’ll required both flat and pointed
» A glass bulb
» Woolen thread - Both yellow and red.

Lets us start by painting white Acrylic color over the bulb using a flat brush. Paint up to the rim of the bulb. Paint until the coat turns opaque, let the white paint dry for some time. 

Now that our white paint has dried up, lets outline a papaya shape using black paint. We’ll use pointed brush for this purpose. Once our papaya shape outline is achieved lets paint the rest of the bulb with black paint. Let the painted black Acrylic color dry out. After sometime, paint the eyes and beaks of the penguin. Now that our glass bulb penguin is almost ready lets reel some woolen thread at the rim of the painted glass bulb. Our beautiful glass bulb penguin ornament is ready for display.


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