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Paper Hat

Paper Hat
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DIY craft project for kids..

Instructions to make a simple hat with chart paper. Find this and more such crafts in our crafts section


» Chart paper or any thick paper - 2 sheets any colour
» Glue
» Scissors
» Pencil


Draw two circles, one 24cm in diameter and another 19cm in diameter one inside the other. Cut out the larger circle.

Cut fringe's along the outer circle till they end at the inner circle. Fold the fringe's down. Keep it aside.

Cut out a long strip from the sheet of the same colour measuring 8cm in breadth and 60cm in length. Draw a straight line down the centre of the strip and carefully cut fringe's down one half. 

Apply glue to the strip and then fix it to the circle by sticking the un-fringed portion of the strip over the fringes of the circle. Fold the fringe's outwards.

Again draw two circles of diameters 30cm and 19cm in another sheet of chart paper and cut out a ring from it.

Place the ring over the top of the hat and onto the outturned fringes and glue it in place.

As decoration you can stick a band of any suitable wrapping paper around the top edge of the hat.


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Emmanuel Micheal Bassey , Goa
November 13, 2021
I want to know how to make a paper hat
Anitta, IDUKKI
October 31, 2017
Supraja, Vizianagaram
August 15, 2015
Very nice superb...