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Heart Paper Chain

Heart Paper Chain
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Heart paper chain made from colorful craft paper sheets is an easy way of decorating your living space.. Especially on a valentines day..

Heart Paper Chain
Materials required : -
» Craft paper sheets
» Stapler
» Scissors

strips of one-inch width

Take some sheets of craft paper and cut them into strips of one-inch width.

staple the paper strips

Now fold the paper strips into half and using the stapler, staple the paper strips at the folded portion.

Bend the two ends

Bend the two ends of the paper strip in the opposite direction so that we'll get a heart like shape. Reinforce the heart shape by stapling both ends.

paper chain

Now staple another colored paper strip at the tip of the former heart shape and continue to staple until a heart paper chain is ready.


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Shreya Chauhan, Kanpur
April 22, 2017
I love craft work and I like heart paper chain.