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Dry Flower Candle

Dry Flower Candle
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Any thin petal colourful dry flowers and leaves or herbs can be used to decorate candles. It can be done by simply gluing them to a ready made candle or over dipping it with a thin film of paraffin wax or by pouring another coat of melted wax over the flowers or leaves glued to the ready made candle.

Any plain candle of any shape and size such as thick pillar candles, slender and short ones can be used for decorating. Collect colourful and shapely flowers and leaves. Keep them in between sheet of papers and iron them on top to make them dry.

Method 1 : Sort through your dried flowers and leaves, select a few according to size and arrange them around the candle to see how they look. Once you have decided on the suitable flowers and leaves for the required candle, put glue around the edges and along the stem and hold them in place with a piece of paper over the leaves or flowers and press them in place.

Method 2 : Spray or brush the candle with glue and attach the leaves and flowers. To attach small blossoms, spray or brush the sides of the candle with glue and roll the candle in a layer of the blossoms. Holding the wick with pliers, dip the candle in hot paraffin wax and pull out gently, slowly, to avoid uneven drips. Immediately submerge the candles in cold water. Make sure all of the water is off the candle and repeat the waxing process.

Method 3 : Take a rigid mould, a little bigger in diameter than the candle; 1/2cms approximately and grease it. Place the candle inside the mould. Fill the gap with dry flowers and leaves. Now pour the melted wax and fill the container. Keep it aside for setting. Pull out the candle by the wick after 4 to 5 hours from the mould. Now the dry flower candle is ready for use. 


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