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Colour Paper Pen

Colour Paper Pen
Contributed by- Sabeena , Mattancherry , India
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Paper Pen

Materials Needed : -

paper pen materials
» A4 Size Paper
» Pen refill
» Scissors
» Glue
» Crayons

How to make

Cut out a strip of paper as same as the length of the pen refill.

Cut out a strip of paper

Apply glue on the paper. Wrap the pen refill with paper. Affix the end of the paper with glue.

Apply glue on the paper

Cut out another small piece of paper as shown. This is for the cover. Cut some strips of paper from it.

cap making with paper

Cover the pen cover with the small piece of paper and fasten it properly. Take one or two strips, insert the strips on top of the pen cover and stick with glue.

make cap

Colour the pen alternating different shades as shown.

colouring Paper pen

There, your colourful paper pen is ready.


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