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Origami Lotus

Origami Lotus
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Origami, a well-known paper craft method is all about making creative models out of paper folding. Flowers, objects and birds are commonly made using origami. Flowers are one of most easiest and popular origami craft usually done by everyone. Lets see how to make a Lotus in the simple way using origami.

For this all you need are:
Origami lotus material
» Colored paper
» Glue
» Scissors

Take a colored paper of a similar color as lotus.

square shape

Make a square shape out of it.

folded marks

Fold it diagonally to join two opposite ends of the paper and unfold it, Do the same with other ends too. Now you can see folded marks, which divides the paper into four portions.

triangle shape

Next, fold the paper so that two portions are folded inwards as shown here. Now you have a triangle shape.

fold it upwards

Take one end of the paper and fold it upwards. Do the same with all other three ends also.

small square shape

Now you will get a small square shape with a diagonal cut on both sides. Refold the sides in such a manner that it forms a square shape without cut as shown here.

lotus bud

Fold it's end towards the top and do it with the other sides too. Now it looks like a lotus bud. .Insert one of the folded ends towards the other folded end like this. Repeat the same on the other side.

take out each petal

Next, take out each petal from the top and fold it downwards.

hold both ends

When petals are done, hold both ends and blow air into the bud through the lower part as shown here.

strip of green colored paper

Finally, take a strip of green colored paper. Simply start rolling from one end of it. Make sure it is as thin as possible.


Roll it till it looks like a stem and then glue its end.

Insert the stem

Insert the stem into the bud through the hole at the bottom part like this.

See our Origami lotus is ready.. It looks awesome..isn't it ?


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Akriti, Vrindavan
May 7, 2017
Absolutely gorgeous my niece loved it thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!