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Sponge Ball Jelly Fish

Sponge Ball Jelly Fish
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Children love vibrant colored toys to play with. Lets make a colorful jellyfish with sponge ball, quills and googly eyes…

Sponge Ball Jelly fish
Materials required : -
sponge ball jelly fish materials

Sponge ball : 1
» Googly eyes : 1 pair
» Pencil : 1
» Quilling paper : 5 different colors
» Pins : a few as required
» Cutting Blade : 1

Slicing the sponge ball

Step 1:-Take the sponge ball and slice it into half.

sticking googly eyes on the sponge ball

Step 2:- Mark two eyes using pencil on one half of the sponge ball. Stick two googly eyes on the ball and see how lively it appears.

wrapping quilling paper around the pencil

Step 3:- Now lets wrap the quilling papers one at a time around the pencil and slide the pencil out.

Stretching out the quilling paper

Step 4 :- Stretch out the coil so that we get lengthy curls of different colours.

attaching quill curls to the sponge ball

Step 5:- Attach the quilling paper curls using glue and pins at the bottom part of the sponge ball face at regular intervals.

attach a thread to hang the sponge ball

Our colorful jellyfish is ready. Use a thread to hang the colorful jelly fish in your child’s bedroom ceiling...



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