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Polythene Bag Flower

Polythene Bag Flower
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Here is a creative way to make colourful flowers by reusing old plastic bags… It is very easy to make, and definitely will do wonders for your living room…

Polythene bag flower
For making this flower we need :
» Some polythene carry bags
» Aluminium wire
» Green tape

shape of a petal

Take a polythene carry bag and cut out the handle of the bag as shown. Wrap the handle with the remaining portion of the bag. Make cuts on the covered portion like this. Hold it together and again wrap this portion with the same bag and repeat as we did before. Repeat the procedure for five or six times. These are the petals of the flower.

Hold them together and tie the bottom of the petals with a wire and secure it properly. Leave the rest of the wire to make the stem. Now wrap the stem using a green tape. Look our flower is ready for decoration…

So start collecting plastic bags and transform them to beautiful flowers… at times plastic can be friendly too, right?


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