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Popsicle Bracelet

Popsicle Bracelet
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Daily wear Bracelets can be made with a variety of materials.

Here's a simple 'do it yourself' stick bracelet using Popsicle / ice cream sticks.


Popsicle Bracelet

Materials required : -
» Popsicle 1
» Glue 1 tube
» Cutting knife 1
» String 25-30 cm

First decide the length of the Popsicle to be used for making the centerpiece of the bracelet. Let it be of 2.5 inches length. Using cutting knife, make a cut on the Popsicle; scrape over and over again until it breaks apart. Round off the pointed edges of the Popsicle using a cutting blade. Make 6 pieces of similar size.

cut on the Popsicle

Boil the pieces in water so that it bends in U shape during the process. Soak for another one or two hours, after you turn off the heat.

Boil the pieces

After the wood has soaked enough, use a rubber band and strap it to a glass as shown, and leave it for a few hours. I am pretty sure you will be satisfied with the result. If required, trace the shape using a pencil for guidance.

use a rubber band and strap it to a glass

Now use the sharp edges of the cutting knife, make two holes at either ends of the Popsicle.

make two holes at either ends

Apply glue on it and affix gift paper pieces on top and trim the useless paper bits, and let it dry.

gift paper pieces

Tie black strings at both ends, and stick bracelet is ready to be worn.

Tie black strings

You can make designs using different color sketch pens as well.

Popsicle Bracelet


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Vaishnavi, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu
August 1, 2017
its really amazing & Easy to do.
Musa goms, India
March 24, 2016
I use this bands like friendship bands and my friends are really happy...