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Bottle Print Flower

Bottle Print Flower
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Here’s a tutorial on how to make a cherry blossom artwork using 2-litre soda bottle..

Bottle print Cherry Blossom

Materials required : -
bottle print materials
» White Chart paper : 1 sheet
» Black sketch pen : 1
» Acrylic paint : pink and green
» Big coke bottle : 1

spread a white sheet of chart paper

Step 1:- Spread a large sheet of white chart paper on a desk.

Drawing a tree using black sketch pen

Step 2:- Using a black sketch pen, draw a tree and its branch on the same chart paper.

Pouring pink acrylic paint

Step 3:- Now pour some pink acrylic paint on to a plate or palette and add a little water to dilute the paint.

Making pink petal prints with the bottle

Step 4 :- Dip just the bottom part of the plastic coke bottle, which has the appearance of a flower in bloom, in the paint and stamp it around the branches.

making petal prints with green paint

Step 5:- Continue the procedure with green acrylic paint as well.

Now you can see that your beautiful cherry blossom tree is all set.


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Naina Singha, Guwahati
May 30, 2015
very nice easy to paint