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Perfumed Candles

Perfumed Candles
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Candles can be perfumed by adding perfumed oils like jasmine, lavender, sandal wood etc or dried and crushed scented flowers to melted wax.

Lightly crush dried lavender or Jasmine flowers with a pestle and mortar. Do not powder. Colour the wax as desired. Dyes can be blended to give a deep shade such as blending of red and blue dyes gives a beautiful shade. Pour the colored wax into a prepared mould as explained in the basic procedure. When the wax is on the point of setting, sprinkle the crushed flowers or one or two drops of any scented oil and stir it in with a wooden or metal skewer. For a lighter and less dense effect, whisk the melted coloured wax with an egg beater or an electric mixer. Pour this frothy wax into the mould and stir in the crushed flowers or scented oil before it sets. 


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