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Puffy Chains

Puffy Chains
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Any three bright colours can be used to make this beautiful decorative chain. The number of pieces depends on how long a chain you want to make. 

Take three different  shades of tissue paper or any other decorative paper. Here pink, yellow and green paper are used. Make pleats of uniform size on these papers. After making pleats on all the papers, hold the pleats together and fold each piece of paper into half. Stick the adjacent sides together with glue to make a semi circle. 

Stick alternate shades of pleated pieces together, each facing opposite sides. Join all the pleated pieces in this manner to make a chain. The same chain can be joined to make a circle. Even number of pleated pieces can be used for circles big or small according to your choice.



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Tina Mittal, merta city
April 21, 2010
paper decoration is a very good thing to do and its very easy to make anything from paper and we can use waste papers in a very beautiful manner its so intresting plz try it.........