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Popsicle Fish

Popsicle Fish
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If your child likes hanging toys then I bet you most probably would love to try out this very simple craft. Lets try making this easy 5-minute craft with few Popsicles, paint and glue.

Popsicle Fish
Materials require : -
» Popsicles 10 no
» Glue 1 tube
» Acrylic paint Yellow, Black, Red and white
» Googly eyes 2 no

painting the Popsicle sticks

Lets start by painting the Popsicle sticks. You may paint using desired Acrylic colours. Here I have painted with the colors such as Yellow, red, black and white.

sticks and lay them parallel

Take four of your dry painted sticks and lay them parallel to one another as shown.

apply glue on the Popsicles

Now apply glue on the Popsicles and stick another four Popsicle sticks crossing over the formerly laid Popsicle sticks. Now our Popsicle fish is almost ready.

attach googly eyes

To further embellish lets attach googly eyes.

hang your Popsicle fish

You may hang your Popsicle fish along with wind chimes or hang it on your Balcony.


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