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Sparkle Design

Sparkle Design
Contributed by- Gracey Anand , Kochi , India
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 Sparkle Design

Card Board


Felt Paper any dark shade


Sketch pen /marker


Sparkles -silver, gold, green etc


Glitters different colours


Satin Ribbon 4 pieces -Red


Glue (Fevicol)



›› Tracing paper if required

Method :

Stick the felt paper on the Card board

Take a Card board and stick the felt paper neatly on to it.

Stick satin ribbon on four sides of the cardboard

Now stick the satin ribbon on four sides of the board as shown in the picture to get a simple but good frame for your picture.

Draw design with sketch pen

Then draw a freehand sketch or trace any design with the  sketch pen or marker. 

Apply sparkles on the outline

Put the desired colour sparkles over the drawn outline of the design (for leaves green and flowers different colours of your choice). Let it dry for a few minutes.

Apply glue

Then take glue and apply it inside the design and spread the glitter over the glue. Don't fill the entire area of the outlined picture. Now let it dry.

Putting dots with sparkles in the center

For the center of the flower, give big dots using sparkles.  


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Deep Haloi, Nalbari
October 15, 2013
It is a very beatiful craft work.
Yuktha, Mumbai
October 28, 2012
Nice craft work it is is easy to make
ritaja, ahmedabad
February 24, 2011
fantastic.i need more designs