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Cotton Chick

Cotton Chick
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Chicks are so cute and adorable. Here you gonna see the making of a cute chick.

What we need
materials to make this chick
» Cotton
» Small plastic glass
» Orange colour paper
» Glue
» Scissors
» Craft eyes

Take a small piece of cotton and a make a circle shape out of it. Take some more cotton and make a circle shape a bit bigger than the first one.

Attach both the cotton balls together. The small cotton ball is the face of the chick. Attach two craft eyes on the face of the chick.

Take the orange colour paper and fold it. From the folded end, cut a triangle shape. Once you unfold the triangle you will get a beak like shape. Attach it to the mouthpart. You can keep this Chick in the plastic glass.

See how cute the chick is...


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