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Pencil Holder

Pencil Holder
Contributed by- Adhin Ashok , Ernakulam , India
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A simple pencil holder with step by step instructions in pictures your kid can try to make at home.

pencil holder

Materials required : -
» Disposable Paper Glass - 2
» Scissors - 1
» Foolscap paper - 1 sheet
» Fabric paint - 2 colours
» Painting Brush - 1 or 2
» Bowl - 1
» Tape -1
» Marker Pen - 1
» knife - 1
» Glue - 1


Take two disposable paper glasses. Put one on top of the other joining the open part together and fix it using a tape.

two disposable paper glasses

Remove the top part using a knife.

Remove the top part

Give attractive colours according to your taste.

attractive colours

Take a foolscap paper and fold in half. Draw two hands of a rabbit on the folded sheet. Cut it out using scissors. Now you get a pair of hands and legs.

Draw two hands

Paint the cut out parts with the same colour.

Paint the cut out parts

Draw the face of a rabbit on the top part of the painted glass as shown. Thicken the lines of the drawing using the marker pen.

Draw the face of a rabbit

Apply glue on the hands of the rabbit. Glue them on either sides of the face just below the mouth. Highlight the outline of the hands with the marker pen.

Apply glue on the hands of the rabbit

Glue the legs on the bottom of the glass. Make it beautiful by drawing a border using marker pen.

Glue the legs on the bottom of the glass

Highlight the eyes, whiskers & the mouth using white paint.

Highlight the eyes

Now draw the ears of the rabbit on the paper. Glue the ears on the top most part and give a matching colour.

draw the ears

Now the pencil holder is ready. Try and be a star in front of your friends.

pencil holder


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