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Popsicle Owl Pen Holder

Popsicle Owl Pen Holder
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Step-by-step procedure to show you how to make an owl shaped pen stand using Popsicle sticks.

Popsicle Owl Pen Holder
Materials required : -
» Popsicles - Few bunches
» Hot glue - 1 tube
» White glue - 1 tube
» Acrylic paints - White, Brown and red
» Scissors -1
» Googly eye - 2 no
» Plastic pen stand - 1
» Cardboard - 1 sheet


Lay 3 Popsicles one over the other and glue it together. Make two such pairs and let it dry for some time. This will serve as wings.

making the face of the owl

For making the face of the owl, take a cardboard sheet and glue Popsicle pieces on it, as shown. Stick 2 full-length popsicles at the center and smaller pieces at the top and bottom portion;
two triangular shapes
and make two triangular shapes with Popsicles to form the ears of the owl. Keep the face part aside for drying.

Attach 6 Popsicles

Attach 6 Popsicles on the plastic pen stand as shown, using hot glue,

two Popsicle wing pieces at the back of the pen stand

along with two Popsicle wing pieces at the back of the pen stand. Cover the wings using 6 Popsicle sticks.

cut out the face

By now the face part is already dry, cut out the face with scissors

color Popsicle sticks

and color it with white acrylic paint, and the ear portion with red acrylic paint. Affix it on to the formerly glued Popsicle sticks. Paint the rest of the Popsicle stand with brown and white color.

attach googly eyes and lips

Finally attach googly eyes on the owl face and affix a small piece of Popsicle as lips. Owl pen stand is ready for use…


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