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Finger Puppet

Finger Puppet
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Puppets are considered as one of the ancient forms of our theatre culture. They are made of wood, paper, cloth or any other material. Today it is considered as the best medium to educate and entertain children…

Finger puppet
Materials Required
» Chart Paper
» Pencil
» Sketch Pen
» Scissors or Thermocol Cutter
» Glue

Procedure :

draw the picture of a puppet

Take the paper and draw the picture of a puppet as per your imagination. Give an out line with black sketch pen.

colour the picture

Use your creativity and colour the picture beautifully.

Cut out the picture carefully

Don't forget to draw finger holes. Cut out the picture carefully with a thermocol cutter or scissors.

finger holes

Cut around the finger holes. Insert your index and middle finger through the holes. Now your puppet is ready to perform.


Surprise your friends with your delightful puppets.


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