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Cootie Catcher

Cootie Catcher
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Cootie catcher is a paper fortuneteller that is popular all over the world. Origami method is applied to make a cootie catcher.

Here are the instructions to make this.

Take a square paper.

one of the corners

Bring one of the corners of the paper to the middle point and fold it. Unfold it and do the same with the other corner also. Unfold it.

fold all the corners to the centre

Now fold all the corners to the centre as shown here.

bring all the corners to the centre

Flip over the paper. Again bring all the corners to the centre, and you will get a shape like this.

fold this square in half

Now fold this square in half.

finger under the four flaps

Slide your finger under the four flaps using your thumb and index finger. Dash the fingers together and push them towards the centre and outward.

write names of colours

Now you can write names of colours or flowers on each section.

write numbers

Flip this side so that you get the inner side of the cootie catcher. Now you can write numbers here.

Write your predictions

Again flip, so that you get the final layers. Write your predictions here on the space below as you see here. Follow instructions to make the cootie catcher and have fun with your friends.


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Nikku, Cochin
June 24, 2015
when i was small i played this game. But now iam an astronaut and i cant play. after many years I saw this game and i was very happy thanks a lot.