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Plastic Bottle Flower Pot

Plastic Bottle Flower Pot
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Looking for novel ideas to keep plants in your apartment? Using old plastic bottles and CDs you can make beautiful tiny flowerpots.

Plastic bottle flower pot
Things needed for this are,
Things needed for this are
» Empty soft drink plastic bottles
» CD
» Scissors
» Golden Metallic paint
» Glue
Cut the top part of the bottle

Cut the top part of the bottle as you see here.

Glue the cap part of the bottle

Glue the cap part of the bottle to the centre of the CD. Let it dry well.

Paint the bottle

Paint the bottle and the CD with golden metallic paint. This is our pot.

Fill it with mud

Fill it with mud and plant your favourite plant in it. You can keep it anywhere inside your house. Hope that you like this idea.


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