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Wax Candle Holder

Wax Candle Holder
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Here's an amazing idea to make a Candle holder with balloon and wax!

Click to see the method of making this beautiful candle holder.


Wax Candle Holder
For this we need,
» Candles OR Wax blocks
» Crayon – any colour
» Pin
» Balloons
» Water

melted wax in pan

Melt the wax in pan. Add two small pieces of crayon to give colour to the melted wax.

dip water filled balloons

Now dip water filled balloons in it carefully. Keep it there for a few seconds and take out of the wax. Let the wax around the balloons dry.

burst the balloon

Once the wax dries, burst the balloon using a pin and take away the water.

wax has formed into the shape of a pot

Now you can see that the wax has formed into the shape of a pot. Remove the balloon extracts carefully from it. Make more and use it as the candleholder.


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