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Table Tree

Table Tree
Contributed by- Nafeesa Shafi , Taliparamba , India
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Nafeesa Shafi from Kannur, Kerala shows us how to make a simple tree with paper, for display. Check it out !


Table Tree
Materials Required
Cardboard Pipe-30cm
News Paper
Masking Tape
Tissue Paper
Fabric Paint


•   First hold the pipe on a stand using gum &put that in a wooden bowl.

•  Then put some stones in it.

•  Then cover the pipe with paper and make shape of a tree.

•  Then join the paper with tape &apply glue in it.

•  Then fix the tissue one by one,allow it to dry.

•  Then paint it like a wood.We'll get leaves from shops&stick on the woods using pins.

•  The tree is ready to display....


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December 30, 2010
nise tree to display