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Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet
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Bracelets are trendy at any time.

If you have ever wondered on how to make one, we are here to show you on how to make a bracelet with pearl.


Pearl Bracelet
Things we need are
materials to make this Pearl Bracelet
» Pearls
» White sugar beads
» Jewellery cable
» Lock and hook
» Scissors

insert five sugar beads

Take a jewellery cable and insert five sugar beads. Now insert a pearl.

Insert another sugar bead

Insert another sugar bead and insert the other end of the wire through the same sugar bead and pull slightly to tighten as you see here.

round like shape

Now we have a round like shape and two wire ends. Insert a pearl through the end, which is opposite to the present pearl. Insert one sugar bead through the same end. Insert five sugar beads to the other end. Take the other end of the wire through the last bead. Now add a pearl on the opposite side of the last pearl, as we did before. Insert one more sugar bead. On the opposite side, add five sugar beads, and pull out the other end through the last sugar bead. Continue the procedure until you reach the desired length.

attach the lock and hook

Now attach the lock and hook on both ends of the chain. We are done. You can experiment with different coloured beads. So make the bracelet and have fun.


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Arasu, Erode
September 21, 2015
I feel very easy to learn For making jewelry. I want more tips from you.