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Pot Painting

Pot Painting
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Terracotta pots are fun to paint! It's a great activity to do with your friends or children.

Here's a simple technique to Paint your Terracotta pots.


Pot Painting
Things you need are :
Pot Painting materials
» Terracotta pot 1
» White Polythene bag 1
» Acrylic paints Here I have used white and red colors
» Paintbrushes 2

Pot Painting

To begin with, paint the raw terracotta pot with white Acrylic paint as its base coat. Let it dry.

Pot Painting

Now give the pot a secondary coat with red acrylic paint. Let the pot dry thoroughly.

Pot Painting

Crumple the polythene cover to a ball shape and apply White acrylic paint over it . Blot or wipe the excess paint at the base of the pot. Start by lightly pressing the polythene balls at the base of the painted pot leaving a thin coat of white spots on the surface of the pot. It will give a stylish look to your pot.

As you work, please take care not to press down too hard, or you will get white large spots on the pot surface. Finally let your Pot dry.

You can proudly display your painted pot as a prop in your drawing room…


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Shylu, Chennai
March 19, 2015
Nice design nd creativity...keep it up....
Webindia123, Kochi
December 15, 2015
Thank you for your response..Keep visiting to see more.. or share your craft ideas..
M Suguna, Proddatur
October 20, 2014
very beautiful and creative...
Webindia123, Kochi
February 20, 2015
Thank you..If you know any craft you can share with our viewers.