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Upcycled CD Jewelry

Upcycled CD Jewelry
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There is a lot of creative stuff you can do with the shiny surface of CD's. Let me show you to make a pair of earrings and necklace using it.

Upcycled CD Jewelry
Materials required : -
Upcycled CD Jewelry Materials
» Jewelry chain 1
» Ruler 1
» Marker 1
» Jump rings a few
» Scissor 1
» CD's 1-2
» Cutting Knife 1

pie shaped

Using a marker and ruler, draw a template on the CD… A pie shaped one with curved bottom edges as shown.

Cut out the template

Trace the template using the sharp edges of the cutting knife. Cut out the template and trim the edges to get smooth rounded edges. Now place the cut out CD bit over the remaining CD and trace and crop the piece, using scissor.

Drill two holes

Drill two holes into the triangle pieces. For this purpose I am using sharp edges of the cutting knife lets carefully drill a hole into each piece near the top.

attach jump rings

Lets attach jump rings into each hole and chain it on the ear ring hooks .our shiny pairs of earrings are ready for your ward robe. Lets continue to make a matching necklace for the earrings.


Lets draw a larger pie shape template on to the CD for making the pendent. We may draw the pie shape using the marker and the ruler and trim following the former steps. Attach the jump rings and cord the jewelry chain to the either sides of the pendent .Our CD Pendant necklace and Earrings are ready for the ramp walk.

Upcycled CD Jewelry


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